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Success Stories

Brittany helped to get my almost 2yo to *finally* sleep through the night! I thought I had tried every strategy, but she had one in her pocket that worked especially well for him. She followed up daily via text and allowed me to ask endless questions. You can buy a book or take a course, but nothing compares to the personalized sleep plan for your child and troubleshooting your specific issues. Our little boy now runs to his room at night and looks forward to his routine. He sits up in bed until he is ready to sleep then lays down. When he wakes, he calls out to us when he is ready. He is able to stay awake now at school and actually participate! Brittany was so extremely helpful, relatable, and professional!
— Leslie Lively

We came to Brittany and were pretty desperate. A 2 year old who was still sleeping with us and a 9 month old who slept on top of me & wanted to eat all night. Between the two of them I was sleeping in 45 min increments. I was nervous we had done too much damage but Brittany assured me there was hope! She put together a detailed plan and answered all my questions so we were confident to commit to the plan. After two nights our 10m old was asleep in her crib on her own and a week in we were napping on our own! I still am amazed how quickly our little one was able to adjust, we wouldn't have been able to do it without Brittany's guidance! Nighttime isn't a dreaded part of our day now!
— Jessica Walsh

We recently used Brittany Montague for our 1 and 3 year old. She is absolutely amazing! I was literally dying from 5-6 wake ups a night from the baby and 2-3 from the 3 year old. I literally never slept and worked full time. Desperate for help we contacted Brittany and had our consult. THREE DAYS. Three days and the baby was sleeping through the night! This was about a month ago and he still is! As for the 3 year old, ONE night and we are on night 5 of him sleeping through the night and independently. I cannot recommend her enough! She is so sweet and helpful on customizing a personalized sleep plan for your kids. Her outline is clear and you know exactly what to expect. You can tell she loves what she does. I can’t thank her enough!
--Brittany Rives

Brittany is amazing. Our 20 month old was waking up 8-9 times per night and we were getting 3-4 hours of sleep. Within 7 days of working with Brittany and following all of her suggestions through her sleep plan and zoom meetings, our little one was sleeping through the night. It has been 3 months since working with Brittany and our daughter is still sleeping through the night! Working with Brittany gave us our energy, our lives and our sanity back. Could not recommend highly enough!!!!
--Aaron Strand

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